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Learn Build Earn is the latest product by Mark Ling. But knowing the fact that most of the earn Money Online products are either too much hyped or are simple scams – the question that first arises in a person’s mind is – “Is this another scam?”. But the good news is that not all products are scam – you get scammed when you buy products from people without checking their previous launches and reputation.

Who is Mark Ling?

Mark Ling is one of the most sought after affiliate marketing guru in today’s internet marketing world. He has many products under his belt like – Affilorama, AffiloJetPack, Traffic Travis and many more. His products still work and his subscribers know it very well that he delivers quality products that are practical and does deliver results.each time. Mark Ling means quality – his name is synonymous with good reputation.

What is Learn Build Earn?

Learn Build Earn by Mark LingLearn build earn is a digital product that teaches you to earn a living on the internet by building and launching digital products – both general as well as high ticket launches. Mark Ling’s learn build earn leaves no gap in teaching everything about product launches, right from how to get niche ideas, to making the product, to setting up the sales funnel, to building successful joint ventures to having a big-bang launch – AtoZ. He discloses all the secret strategies that he himself uses for the launch.


  • Good for beginners to advanced marketers
  • Teaches to build products in every niches
  • Video as well as pdf lessons
  • Good support staff to help you out in every step.


  • A little pricy – $2496.
  • Its not a magic product – you need to put in real efforts to get results.

Launch date is August 21st, so please come back to get more details about the product as soon as it is launched.

An assessment of John Collins’ Venus Factor Diet System

Venus Factor is really a complete innovative and effective guide in terms of the ideal means of shedding pounds. It is among the most influential dieting programs for women today. Most women have already successfully transformed their physique within a short while and created a lean, strong and sexy body using the Venus Factor dieting system. For just about any woman who may have unsuccessfully tried to shed pounds previously, then she might find this Venus Factor weight loss plan quite helpful.

The Venus Factor dieting plan for females was created to function as most satisfactory way of shedding pounds. It is usually the quickest, safest and most reliable. This system is not only meant to help women lose weight, even though it is the main objective. It also helps the person tone and tighten her system. This gives the sexy, attractive look that she has always imagined without being forced to cut down on favorite foods or spend hours during a workout session. This system was created by the world-class nutritionist, personal fitness fanatic and researcher – John Collins.

This program involves a whole new approach that melts fat through the body while simultaneously building small quantities of muscle in the best places. This tones the user’s body and makes her look attractive in the same time. The Venus Factor method is built on the idea of a leptin diet. Leptin is a hormone that is certainly usually released into female bodies in much more rates than in male bodies. This hormone plays a serious role in weight-loss, which enable it to actually aid in producing stunning results if properly triggered by way of a certain diet.

The Venus Factor eating habits was made under the concept of manipulating and controlling the quantity of leptin created by the woman body over a regular basis. This is achieved in a manner that triggers rapid weight loss within a pleasant and safe way. Despite women having more leptin, there are more hormones released at the same time for that reason high percentage. Other hormones stifle or counterbalance the energy leptin has left to dramatically destroy fat. Using a diet that creates a decrease in leptin, consequently that oppose leptin also reseed. This works and helps women to lose fat and increases a woman’s ability to acquire the body of her dreams without putting excessive effort.

This program is really as lightweight and compact so that you can jump up on its information and initiate shedding pounds immediately. The program consist of a handbook outlining each step a woman must take to get complete and successful weight loss using leptin diet plans. It has an application called the Virtual Nutritionist that facilitates the consumer to speak to a virtual nutritionist furnished by the system. Users can also be a part of the Venus Factor discussion board and chat with women who have successfully melted their fat.The goal of the Venus Factor is to offer desired weight loss solutions to females.

If you are not content with this review then you can click to read -> this Venus Factor review that could help you to further understand this weight loss system.